ONS On-Demand™

ONS On-Demand™ Offers Evidence-Based Courses Delivered With New Robust Features for Your Leadership and Institution

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How Does ONS On-Demand Benefit Your Institution?


ONS On Demand Benefits


  • Simplify Delivery: Simple delivery of courses for continuous professional development and to maintain certifications
  • Access Reporting: Access to reporting to meet accreditation and practice goals
  • Streamline Process: Streamlines the process of assigning courses across multiple departments or a network
  • Updated Knowledge: Provides regularly updated nursing knowledge required for complex and rapidly expanding care of patients with cancer
  • More Consistency: Increases the consistency of oncology nursing education across the institution


Evidence-Based Courses Delivered With New Robust Features for Your Leadership and Institution

ONS offers more than 50 courses and adds more every year. These self-paced courses cover a broad range of topics in oncology nursing for nurses at every level working in every type of practice setting. Many also offer nursing continuing professional development. ONS On-Demand helps centers meet the CoC Standard 4.2 Oncology Nursing Credentials

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Pricing for Courses and ONS On-Demand Annual Subscription

ONS offers course pricing based on the number of learners that are ONS members.  For institutions with greater than 80% ONS membership, courses are available to purchase at the high membership pricing which is the same as ONS member pricing.  For institutions with less than 80% ONS membership, courses are available to purchase at ONS On-Demand base pricing. In addition, bulk discount pricing is available based on the number of learners.
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Course discount based on total number of seats across all courses purchased at one order.

Tier Total Seats per Order Discount
1 5 - 20 10%
2 21 - 150 15%
3 151 - 1,000 20%
4  > 1,001 25%


Tiered discount applied to all courses.


# Learners Annual Platform Subscription Account Owners*
 1-20 $600 1
21-50 $1,200 2
51-150 $1,800 3
151-500 $3,500 4

*Additional Account Owners may be purchased at $600 per owner.

If your organization or system has more than 500 learners and would like more information on purchasing ONS courses, please contact us at institutions@ons.org to discuss options to purchase courses for your staff.

Easily register users and assign ONS courses to learners with the administrator's dashboard. The dashboard provides quick analysis of course completion rates and credits earned across staff. Learn more about the features of ONS On-Demand. 

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Technical Requirements

For optimal performance, and to view and work in the ONS On-Demand application it will be necessary to use one of the browsers listed below.

*Use of an earlier browser version could result in limited data display.

For optimal performance, and to view On-Demand reporting data the following is also necessary.

For optimal performance, and to fully participate in ONS online courses, please see the specific course page for Technical Requirements.