Using Technology to Develop and Distribute Patient Education Storyboards Across a Health System

Anne Z. Kisak

Kathryn J. Conrad

ONF 2004, 31(1), 131-135. DOI: 10.1188/04.ONF.131-135

Purpose/Objectives: To describe the successful implementation of a centrally designed and managed patient education storyboard project using Microsoft® PowerPoint® in a large multihospital system and physician-based practice settings.

Data Sources: Journal articles, project evaluation, and clinical and educational experience.

Data Synthesis: The use of posters, bulletin boards, and storyboards as educational strategies has been reported widely. Two multidisciplinary committees applied new technology to develop storyboards for patient, family, and general public education.

Conclusions: Technology can be used to coordinate centralized development of patient education posters, improving accuracy and content of patient education across a healthcare system while streamlining the development and review process and avoiding duplication of work effort.

Implications for Nursing: Storyboards are excellent sources of unitbased current, consistent patient education; reduce duplication of efforts; enhance nursing computer competencies; market nursing expertise; and promote nurse educators.

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