Letters to the Editor

Homogenous Sample Creates Limitations Concerns

Lawrence J. Caliari

Kelly A. Krumwiede

ONF 2012, 40(1), 16-16. DOI: 10.1188/13.ONF.16

I read your article titled "The Lived Experience of Men Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer" (Krumwiede & Krumwiede, 2012) with great interest. Your article was timely and much needed. As a current doctoral student who also has an interest in this topic, I am exploring the lived experience of gay men with prostate cancer.

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    Krumwiede, K. A., & Krumwiede, N. (2012). The lived experience of men diagnosed with prostate cancer [Online exclusive]. Oncology Nursing Forum, 39, E443-E450. doi:10.1188/12.ONF.E443-E450