Research Review of the Supportive Care Needs of Spouses of Women With Breast Cancer

Wendy Petrie

Jo Logan

Cathy DeGrasse

spouse caregivers, breast cancer, supportive care

Purpose/Objectives: To provide an overview of the process, goals, and outcome recommendations from the assessment phase of the Oncology Nursing Society's Priority Symptom Management (PRISM) project and to provide the foundation for a series of evidence-based practice and qualitative systematic review articles generated from the first phase of PRISM.

Data Sources: Published articles, abstracts, and books; computerized databases; nonpublished research; personal communications; and proceedings of the PRISM summit meeting.

Data Synthesis: Symptom management is a key component in quality cancer care. The assessment phase of PRISM yielded systematic reviews with an evidence-based framework to evaluate key symptoms, developed a framework for teaching and evaluating other symptoms, and recommended future ONS initiatives.

Conclusions: Outcome recommendations from the PRISM summit targeted practice; professional and public education; research; and health policy.

Implications for Nursing Practice: These activities provide background for subsequent evidence-based practice and qualitative systematic review articles that will focus on cancer symptom management.

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