Mission, Vision and Values


To advance excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care


To lead the transformation of cancer care

Core Values

Values are guiding principles for our organization, our leaders, and our members.


ONS and its members face every endeavor with knowledge and learning. We strive to apply our broad perspectives consistently while leading the transformation of cancer care.


We strive to foster excellence in oncology nursing and quality patient care. We are committed to nothing less than excellence in our organization and the care of patients.


We, as an organization and as individuals, advocate on behalf of people with cancer to ensure their quality of life and access to exemplary care throughout the continuum of life. We advocate on behalf of patients and the profession to ensure respect and recognition, access to education, safe working environments, and fair reimbursement. We also serve as advocates for public health policy.


Our organization is stronger when we appreciate the diverse backgrounds and invite the diverse perspectives of our membership and staff.

DEI Commitment Statement

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the Oncology Nursing Foundation (ONF), and the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) are committed to supporting and advancing oncology nurses to deliver quality and equitable care to patients with cancer.  We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical to our efforts in supporting those who provide care for diverse patient populations.

We define DEI as:




means all the ways that individuals differ from one another, which includes race, ethnicity, and gender as well as age, differing abilities, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and beliefs, background, experience, and education.

creates fair treatment and access by establishing and upholding policies and processes that remove and prevent the formation of barriers for all stakeholders who engage with ONS, ONF and ONCC. fosters an environment where all stakeholders are able to participate fully and have a sense of belonging because they feel welcomed, respected, and valued.